A few years ago during a family vacation out West, I was at a diner simply ordering food when the waitress made a comment about how she loved the sound of my voice.  It surprised me because no one had ever said something like that to me before. It was nice but strange compliment, I thought. Then later that same year two more people complimented me on the sound of my voice.  When my family and I moved to DC I happened to look through a brochure of night classes and found a seminar on the Voiceover business.  I had never really heard of it before but decided to check it out.  After that seminar I decided to do a little more research.  I discovered Edge Studios online and did some training with them for a few months.  Then eventually I had to put my VO aspirations aside to take care of my kids and make yet another military move - this time south to New Orleans. 

It usually takes me 8 months to a year to finally settle into a new place. It was then that I discovered VO workshops in New Orleans.  I started attending them and really enjoyed it!  I had to truly step out of my comfort zone and "perform" the scripts that Stephen, our VO coach, picked for us.  He would critique and guide us through the process.  While most people liked to read the character scripts, I actually preferred the commercial and narration type of scripts. But performing all the different scripts and also reading some at home was all great practice for me. After months of training with Stephen James, my voiceover coach, I was finally ready to record my demo!